i am thankful for:

having james in my life & what he teaches me daily
good healthy food, clean water
a place to live with a roof over my head
what 'george & mildred' & 'kitty' {the neighborhood pets} give back

am thankful that our bills have been paid so far
that we have savings still
that we've had interviews
for the opportunity to learn patience & trust in the universe
for acupuncture & chinese herbs
for free health care
for doctors

am thankful for books
music--all the things that sustain me.
am thankful for service, charity & goodness in the world
for my country
for england--what she's taught me
for a new president coming
for inspiration & the word *hope*

am thankful for family far away
making new friends
re-connecting with old ones

i am thankful for the sun shining outside
for breath
for warm things
for love & compassion
for truth

& for a universe that creates all of this in such effortless perfection.

happy thanksgiving.

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