drama queen

i busted up laughing, when i saw these pictures today. james was quite well known in college for following a time honored english tradition of putting blokes in dresses for theatre productions. his hippy-length long hair at school made him a perfect choice for a touch of comedy.

here he is as mrs cratchett in his university production of dickens' 'a christmas carol'. doesn't he look pretty? look at what great legs he's got in the second picture? what a great sport, my guy was.


sherrie said...

wow. that is funny stuff. and he let you post these for the world to see or does he have no idea...haha

Celestia said...

Hilarious! How did you happen upon these blackmailing pics?

christine said...

Yes, I could use these as blackmail couldn't I, hehehe. No james was a good sport about me putting them up--well he had no choice. He was actually quite proud of his Drama club achievements,hehehhe.