wow what a fitting way to end this week, with fireworks literally. no, they weren't for obama, they were in celebration for guy fawkes night. its a weird holiday every year in england where everyone has bonfires, bobs for apples, fireworks, drinks too much, etc to mark an unsuccessful plot guy fawkes had long long ago to blow up the houses of parliament. the poor chap was burned at the stake for this treason against the crown, and the english like to celebrate this whole predicament. don't ask me to understand their thinking.

even if it is a weird holiday, i enjoyed seeing the fireworks this year up on blackheath common. it was a perfect end to the last 6 weeks of campaigning and the post election parties. i feel like i've been in a dream and i've got to wake up now and get back to reality. reality though is that i've made some new cherished friends and i've been a part of something wonderful. for these two simple reasons, i feel so blessed for the opportunity that came into my life.


Anonymous said...

Well you know us Brits, strange as we are, any reason for a celebration and a party and we will go for it - guess it goes hand in hand with our glorious weather (come on Summer I am still waiting for you)

Elizabeth C said...

Those are great pictures of fireworks!! Looks like it was a fun celebration!

sterfryiv said...

Isn't that the basis for the character from "V for Vendetta"? I love that story. I think that may be why the US and Britain actually get along so well. No matter how noble we want to paint our systems of government, we still like to route for the crazy guys who are always fighting that system.

christine said...

yes sterling, the masks are of guy fawkes in v for vendetta. I've never understood the brits fascination with him, I just think they've got the holiday kind of as a warning that whoever dares to go against the crown will need to be worried about being burned at the stake. That and a weird excuse to have more alcohol. The Brits sure love their booze.

There's a saying for this holiday,
'Remember, remember the 5th of nov--gunpowder, treason and plot'.

Celestia said...

Beautiful pictures. You always have great photos. I love those fireworks. Do you remember that night around the 4th of July we hung out in London? Weren't we going to watch a fireworks show?