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so this is what I spent all afternoon & late into the evening doing. trying to make-up this darn thing for homework for a music class i'm doing through berklee online. about 10 hours, a skipped dinner and pilates class later, it may not be perfectly artistic in every way but its done. thank goodness james hasn't been around to hear me swear at the computer cause it hasn't been pretty. i don't have photoshop and did all of the above in gimp and leave it to the online people to assume that we all know how to convert jpeg to pdf? hello you might as well be speaking japanese! i figured it out though by the grace of god--i don't know how but i figured it out.

anyway, i'm off to bed as its nearly 1 am.

i sure hope i get an A for this.

{the band is only hypothetical but the pics are of a texas group eisley}


Lacey said...

Hi! I am a web designer / developer (and lover of all things london) and wanted to commend you on what a great job you did. If you ever need any help you can find me on twitter @laceddesign.

Lori Ann said...

It looks good. I hope you do get an A. I've never tried to convert a jpg to a pdf . I wouldn't know how to do that either. I love gimp though cause it's free, but definitely not as user friendly as photoshop.

sherrie said...

i think it looks great. i've never heard of gimp, how is it? glad you figured out how to convert to a pdf ;) if you ever need help feel free to ask. what kind of class is it for?

Liz said...

Looks fabulous to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine.

Might want to give GIMPshop a whirl. It's a hacked version of The GIMP that looks and feels like Photoshop. GIMPshop is also open source, and therefore free.

GIMPshop Wiki

Of course, you can also always ask me for help. I am your Bro, and am very experienced as a Graphic Designer.

Scott =)

GIMP is actually an acronym.
GNU Image Manipulation Program

You can find out more information on it on, and how it was started on Wikipedia.


Angela said...

You better get an A because that is really good!! :)