hope wins

i feel at a loss for words today. i was up all night till 6:30 a.m. watching history live. never before in my life have i taken an interest in politics as much as this season {2004 was the first time ever i voted} and i credit it to obama. i think once in a generation someone comes around like this and i feel so grateful that i've been a part of history. although i did less than many, i campaigned for nearly 12-13 hours for him here in london. i feel like this win, i somehow helped bring in a very small way and for that i'll never forget it for the rest of my life.

it really feels like a global win. people across london, europe and the world feel like its their win too. i had british friends call me very early and say they burst into tears like i did and they didn't even vote. globally-- everyone was so tired of the last 8 years and know what the win of the first african american president means to not only our nations history but how it speaks that yes america still is the land of possibilities and democracy.

i know that once the parties die down {heck, i have two to go to just this week!} and reality sets in that obama will face huge challenges. i don't envy the huge wave of expectation on his shoulders. but i feel confident that he will do only his best what he knows is right in his heart. i know also that it will take work on our part and that change will have to come from each one of us too. but i have faith that in the midst of huge obstacles that hope not fear will push us forward.

'yes we can'


American Mom In London said...

Whew-hew! I was up way to late too, but I couldn't get enough it!

Lori Ann said...

I'm glad I didn't have to stay up so late to witness the historic moment when it was announced that Obama had won the election. I thought his speech was inspiring and I was so glad that our country made this decision.

enickel said...

Although I don't agree with all of his politics I do support him and I have a great hope for this country too. I hope that we can all work together civily and get real things done no matter which side thought of it. Enough talk, lets get busy.

Celestia said...

I hope it is all about Unity and not politics anymore. I am so sick of politics, especially the dirty kind that was on both sides of the aisle this political season. Now more than ever we need to all pull together to support our country. I hope Obama will be able to get our country through the many challenges we are facing. I didnt agree with all his political views either but he is a charming speaker and he has a beautiful family and I hope his daughters get a really cute puppy to take to the whitehouse;)