strong women

photo by jen
{esteria on the right}

wow, funny how little moments can come into your life to teach you lessons.

i've been really feeling pretty darn low about myself recently, worrying about my life at the moment , my future, money, career, relationship and just generally everything under the sun. well, today i read about 'esteria' from one of the blogs i read by a talented artist--kelly rae and boy it sure put me in my place.

esteria is from rwanda, mother of 11 children (all but 4 have died) and is one of the many genocide survivors from the 90's. one of esterias surviving children is 'odette' who now lives in the states as a refugee. you can read more about these strong women here (had to delete the link I'm afraid).

to me women like this are who i want to be. strong & brave in the midst of such trials but yet are full of such love for everyone they meet. i don't know why women like esteria and odette have to suffer, but i am grateful for their stories and what they can teach to everyone of us.

well, while i am worrying about stupid things--esteria doesn't even have a roof over her head. The roof of her house was blown off during a storm. she lives in a mud house.

so--there's a 'charity movement' online starting to help esteria to get a new roof. i don't have much money at the moment but I donated $10 (£6)---i guarantee i'll never miss this. heck, just in what its given back to me in spirits i've already tripled this amount.

anyway, if you can donate even $5 it will help esteria more than you can imagine. i promise you'll never miss the money either. as an extra bonus- kelly rae is giving away one of her amazing paintings for a prize for those who donate!

go here to help out or go to kelly's webpage {see above links}.


Elizabeth Harper said...

I found you through Jen & Kelly Rae and wanted to say hello. I noticed we have a few things in common.

christine said...

Hi Elizabeth, you are welcome here anytime. :)