i want muppets for christmas

this was on the tele. this weekend and i've now decided i officially want the muppets for christmas. i adore this movie this time of year and how you don't question the fact that vegetables and mice start breaking out in song. i love the london/east end setting, the english christmas culture throughout and the fact that i understand so much more about these things cause of living here.

too bad muppets aren't real though cause i think the world would be so much better if we all broke out into random song and dance every once in a while. this and it would be so much of a hoot sharing the morning commutes on the tube {subway} with talking barnyard animals. i don't know maybe i should start a petition, what do you think?


Lori Ann said...

The muppets are fun! Although I do have to say that my family does randomly break out into song (no dancing though). It's usually only one or two people at a time although others will join in sometimes. My sisters and I have done it simultaneously a few times. So, I guess my family is weird, but if you're looking for random song just spend a holiday with us!

Anonymous said...

If you love the Muppet Christmas Carol, you might enjoy The Christmas Toy, also by the incredible Jim Henson. We saw this on TV years ago when our daughter was a tot, and we recorded it on VHS. That eventually deteriorated and so I was very pleased to see it this year come out in DVD. I snatched it up for the family (yes, for ME, but we'll never tell). It's the story of toys who are alive and have their own problems and issues that the humans never guess at. Every year they have to welcome the new toys to the playroom, but not all of them want to. Wonderful music and muppet characters (new for this production). A gem.
Aunt Gail