staying warm

1. chickadee and the snowman, 2. winter sunset, 3. strip-tease!!!, 4. 17.365 scarves much?
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it gets cold here, darn cold. but london gets so cold it wont snow that often {if it does it melts really quick}. we get a lot of gray, wet freezing blustery weather.
from the months of like september to the end of april i swear the sun rarely comes out.

the houses aren't built with central heating. most have space heaters attached to the walls that come on at night. we don't get double glazed windows either unless you physically have them put in. see-- most houses are still old victorian ones and double glazing wasn't invented yet and they just transferred this little idea to apartments/flats. its only recently that the government has said put double glazing in new properties cause of environmental concerns.

so every winter i am bundled up like a little eskimo. even with our heaters, i still walk around our flat with blankets and sweaters. this winter seems colder than last years. either that or i'm just getting old. james darn him doesn't feel the cold like i do. maybe its a girly thing.

at least we've stocked up on the hot chocolate.
nothing like dark hot chocolate with marshmallows
on a cold December day.

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