thoughts on acupuncture

many moons ago it seems that i started acupuncture. for a few weeks now because i've made such improvement i've been able to move to every other week and hopefully in the new year i'll be able to cut down my appointments even more. so...i figured now is a good time to elaborate on what i think of the whole process of alternative healing.

frankly, its been a blessing & i'm hooked. where western medicine hasn't had a clue what to do with me {and still don't}, acupuncture has provided huge relief. i don't understand how something as simple as a few needles can completely change your entire sense of well being, but it has.

i would say that about 60% of my health symptoms have either drastically improved or completely disappeared. i still have quite a few things to deal with in regards to pain and other health ailments but i no longer feel like the plague of death for 3 weeks out of the month. i feel like i'm slowly getting my life back & for me that's a huge thing to smile at.

i now also enjoy the chinese herbs where i once gagged on them. i've embraced them and look forward to my brew of mother nature's goodness. i think its amazing how so many things for healing are right in our own backyard. who knows what cure's are out there already given to us by the universe? {makes me think of the sean connery movie, 'medicine man' and the cure for cancer being destroyed in the rain forests}

on the downside--acupuncture has put a bit of a dent in our wallet. i get anxious about the cost particularly as i'm struggling to find work STILL and james has had so much financial burden on him already. but he assures me that health comes first. i just hope that he feels the same way in a month or so after i have to start seeing a private doctor but can't get insurance to cover things {pre-existing condition/chronic illness}.

acupuncture can hurt too, like really hurt, like feeling like a sharp knife in your nerve kind of hurt. putting in the needles every session initially hurts too, but then its pretty funky what happens after that. after the initial 'hurt/pain'---incredible feelings of well being, relaxation and 'clarity' {if that's the right word for it} come over you. i've also had a few weird side affects--nothing major. after sessions i've had to pee, i've cried uncontrollably and its all because those little simple needles release so much emotion and toxins built up over the years. its just an amazing, cleansing, healing experience.

so.....i would recommend it to anyone who can afford the sessions. it is worth it and works for reasons i can't explain. even if i can't explain it or western medicine still doesn't understand everything about it---i think embracing all ways of healing can be beneficial. some of the most wonderful things in life people can't explain, but its about having faith & trust in the unknown. i'm sold & i would encourage anyone who is interested to embrace complementary healing too. you never know may actually be in for a pleasant 'healing' surprise.


sherrie said...

that's interesting. i've always wondered what it felt like. when we were struggling with infertility a lot of people recommended acupuncture. i never did it, but always thought about it and if it would really work. sounds like it's doing good things for you.

Angela said...

Wow, that is so awesome that something is working for you! I hope things will improve, not only physically but financially as well. :)

Carly said...

I have always heard great things about acupuncture...and it qualifies for a medical expense deduction in the U.S. (you can put it on your flex card)...I found that interesting as I was going through my open enrollment packet.

enickel said...

That pretty much freaks me out. I am glad you were tough enough to try and that it is working!