i find the transition period between christmas and new years slightly awkward. its kind of like having to wait around for a running race to start but you're two hours early and you can't even collect your number yet. i'm anxious to forget about this year and have butterflies for what may be in store for me in 2009. i'm keen to try to fix things, well a lot of things in my life actually. i wont lie---this year was freakin' tough. i survived though and i know that every moment i've had in 2008 was a 'lesson' in disguise--perfectly picked out just for me to help shape who i am & pave the way for who i will become.

i've been thinking during this 'transition' period about new years resolutions too--should i? shouldn't i? every year i get sucked in to the pressure of creating huge long lists of what to finish by the end of the year. each dec 30/31 i see the lists of things not crossed off and i get frustrated about how time left me. so, this year i'm making changes and keeping things simple.

i've cut it down to three goals:

1- be positive
2- focus on one day at a time
3- be present in each moment

i figure if i work on these that everything else will fall into place--the weight loss, the job, the relationship, everything.

so, we'll see what happens i guess. i wish i could look into my crystal ball and know what's in store. i'm nervous in a way because i want things to get better than they've been . but, i'm just going to have to trust in the unknown and keep going.

"a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step" ~ Lao Tzu


Liz said...

I think those are great goals, and I suspect you're right - if you focus on those everything else will fall into place! Best wishes for 2009 being your best year yet!

sherrie said...

hope 2009 is tons better for you. your goals are great and i know you can do it!

Angela said...

What a great way to describe the time between Christmas and New Years. I totally agree!! But now the wait is over!! I hope you make all your goals!! :)

Lori Ann said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals. I rarely even make New Years goals because I know I lack the follow through. UGH!