happy inauguration day

london is buzzing today with excitement over the inauguration today. i can't wait to watch history as our first african american president is sworn in at 4 pm {gmt} and especially one that i personally helped campaign for . what a great example of a strong, healthy and happy family too. i don't envy the pressures that he'll have, but i've got faith that he'll do his best.

so--mr obama (soon to be mr prez.),

i wish you blessings, health, happiness, success
& the continued ability to inspire.
i pledge to do my part in making the world a better place
and to inspire others to do the same in support of this new era of change.
may god protect you, watch over you
and give you the ability, patience & courage
to take on the enormous challenges america will face.
don't let washington change you too much
& always remember the little guys who voted for you.

yours sincerely,

an american in london

p.s. don't forget to laugh often. a sense of humor is a big part of the job description.

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Saskia said...

I found your blog through delightful blogs.

What a special day today is! I'm also in the UK and wonder if it's this exciting here, just IMAGINE what it's like across the Atlantic!

Saskia x

sherrie said...

it's amazing how big of an event this is not only in the USA but all over the world.