my head is spinning

image from here

my head is spinning after my first two days of:

lots of names to remember
orchestras, receptionists, artists, my colleagues
how to spell all the foreign names
new computer programs to master
fax & copy machines
calling internationally & consistently asking "do you speak english?"

who does what, where, when and how
trying to figure out my daily commute
wrestling with the underground like a cattle drive
readjusting my schedule
adjusting to a 8-7 day of travel & work
trying to find time again to 'breathe'
fitting in yoga
overcoming butterflies the size of panthers

most importantly trying to slow down enough to take every moment in of
the most amazing experience


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you this week, with your exciting new internship. It sounds exciting and challenging. Reminds me of my first week back at college. I spent several days after class started, just strategizing the bus schedules (I thought I'd gotten it figured out before I started), and where to stand to catch the ones I needed. Needless to say, I missed a few, and felt overwhelmed at times. But it all gets better! You go, girl!

Aunt Gail

sherrie said...

it's good to have things to do. i'm sure you'll be able to work out a schedule and be content with it.

keep us updated on how it's going.

Skye said...

That photograph is lovely, how did you get permission to post it? Do you know her? I always wonder about asking people to use their work but I wonder how open they would be.

christine said...


I was a bit leery about posting pics too, but then I've seen A LOT of very popular, well read blogs use many many pictures from others. As long as you've given them proper credit I've heard its ok, something under 'Free use' for the copyright act or something. If you don't give credit, you can get into trouble though. If anyone ever gets upset that I've posted one of their pics, I'll be more than happy to take them down.

Skye said...

I was just curious, I have also seen this done on a widespread basis. Never thought too much about it until a friend of mine had two of her blog posts deleted by Google/Blogger due to claims of copyright infringement. So now I'm interested in how people think about these things, and in how to make sure if I'm decorating my blog, I don't get in trouble! Because I see so many good examples of people selecting an image that really harmonizes with their writing, your blog is one example of that.

christine said...

I always give credit, always. Copyright infringement happens when you claim something as your own. If anyone has any problem with any of my pictures then I will take them down. I just wish I was good with photos myself, then I'd never use anybody else's photos at all!