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i've been in a bit of a dreamy state these last few days---trying to get myself in a schedule again & more anxious than a kindergartner on her first day thinking about having to start my new life as 'intern' next week. so, in an effort to get my mind off of things i've been scouring flickr & blogland for photos. as you know i love photography but what i love most is the escape factor and how great a subsitute they are when you can't afford to leave your little apartment to travel cause of crappy exchange rates. here are a few of my recent favorite finds:

mrs french on flickr---she's saved as one of my contacts and i just love the magical qualities of her photo stream. she's got an etsy shop too!

link to picture

link to picture

tec petaja---found via one of my favorite blogs black*eiffel. love, love, love his portraits and he particularly caught my eye cause of his travel section. the images of india and nepal are beautiful. have i mentioned recently how i want to go there?

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Saskia said...

I found your blog today and have had fun reading about another London life, but with a very different perspective to me!

Loved those photos... beautiful.

Saskia x

christine said...

you are welcome anytime saskia. :)