self portrait

today i embrace myself with all my imperfections
my insecurities
my weight
my messy hair, sweats & no make-up
and i say a prayer of gratitude
for what i've been given--
my two hands & feet
my eyes that can see
my heart & lungs that miraculously work without any effort
the ability to laugh & cry
my mind
& even my ovaries.

with the pain you give me
you teach me compassion
& remind me of life's little moments of 'grace'.

so today i embrace all of me
i remind myself that the same
miracles that created the sun, moon & stars
that carved places like the grand canyon out of impossibility
are the same miracles that make my life a possibility.

picture of me via poladroid


Lori Ann said...

I love your ability to put things into words. It always touches my heart.

sherrie said...

i love this!