snow day

we were hit with nearly 6 inches of snow over night in london making it the most snow in nearly 18 years and another 4 inches is due tonight. the capital has been practically deserted as all trains, buses and nearly all unground trains have forced everyone to take a snow day from work & all commitments. funny enough people seem rather chipper cause of the weather-- out playing, smiling, saying hello to strangers. too bad we can't have snow days every day in london, eh?

although travel & even walking can be a nightmare, i find snow just beautiful. if you listen, everything is so 'still' during a snowfall as well. its a great reminder to stop and pay attention to the simple things.

nearly 6 inches


George and mildred swimming in the ice

Greenwich Park


Saskia said...

It's beautiful isn't it? Such a shame I'm at work :(

sherrie said...

wow this is great. did you make the snowman?