change of scenery

i've 'simplified' my blog today. decided to get rid of the ads (although they were great) until more people start reading, or whenever. i also updated to beta blogger finally to make things easier.

i'll probably be playing around with the look a bit in the next few weeks, but i thought i'd really focus on trying to do a lot better content---better pictures, better writing as well.

simple, but good is better don't you think?


sherrie said...

yeah i like it. i'm a simple girl myself =)

kara elmore said...

I'm just glad you have a blog! LOVE catching up with you!!!

Lori Ann said...

I like the new look, and I love the header picture!

ScottandSukwan said...

Oh I miss the cute header you had that showed Seattle to London. Your blog has a very clean simple look, it's great.

Rebecca said...

Simple is always great!

Have you tested out Wordpress yet?