earth hour & striped pajamas

saturday night james and i for an hour switched off all our lights to participate in the global event--earth hour. we lit loads of candles, turned off the t.v. and enjoyed the quiet as well as the chance to catch up on talking with each other. funny enough i think everyone should try doing this once a week---not only is it environmentally friendly but a bit of simplicity and quiet is very good food for the soul.

here are awesome pictures of london bridge on the night:

london bridge-before

london bridge-after

pictures are from the earth hour flickr group here, where you can see loads of major landmarks across the globe including the pyramids!


after earth hour, we both watched on dvd probably one of the most moving movies i've seen in a long time: the boy in the striped pajamas (pg-13, us/12 uk). both james and i feel like we were both deeply changed by seeing this film. i would highly highly recommend it:


Lori Ann said...

I wish I had known about Earth hour, maybe we'll have to do our own one night this week. That is a great idea and I agree it is important to stop and take the time to actually talk to our loved ones. I know the TV is on way too much at our house. I'll have to check out that movie, it looks good. We just read "The Book Thief" for my book club, you should read that if you haven't. We all enjoyed it.

christine said...

james and i think we may try it once a week or once every two weeks. its good fun to turn off all the lights, light the ole candles and just talk to each other or play games in the dark.

Kara Elmore said...

As always - great ideas on how to be better. I love the idea of earth hour and I'll be doing that this week. The clip to the movie was so moving that I'll be getting it this week. :) You're full of grateness.. :)