pigs and the city

who would have thought there was an entire farmyard of animals, 15 minutes by light train from our house? james and i went to mudchute park and farm today and saw cows, horses, pigs, chickens, sheep, baby goats (who loved having their heads rubbed), turkeys, etc. we managed to find the nature trail and it felt and looked like we were in the english countryside. it was fantastic to enjoy this so close to our home. there was even garden allotments that people could use to plant vegetables and assorted plants. we hope to look into renting one of these allotments in future so we can grow some of our own food!

sheep with canary wharf in the background

red piggy

chicken in hiding

oh danny boy

country paths


kara elmore said...

Oh so beautiful! Nate came and sat beside me as we looked at all these pics on flickr as well. **SIGH** so beautiful! So glad you had a great time w/ gorgeous weather. ;)

candy said...

wonderful photos, it reminds me of back home where my best friend had a farm. Great post!


Angela Fielding said...

Hello from America! I was just googling “How to move to England” and came across your blog. I would love to move my family from the states to England for a few years. I loved it when I lived there so long ago. You have some beautiful photos!