real life photo project: days 1 & 2

i've got a lot of creative projects going at the moment to nourish my artsy spirit: 52Q, writing w/marta and now for the next week playing along w/the real life photo project. the idea came from emily (of course) and her friend vicky. basically for 7 days you take photos of what you've been up to or what's been your 'real life'. fancy or not its a chance to chronicle your life in its messy, crazy glory! so here's my real life so far....

day 1:

our coffee table on friday. usually full of what we've been thinking about or working on over the past week. this week--travel brochures, french cd's, financial papers, books, clothes catalogues, journals and of course organic corn chips have made the cut.

day 2:

washing up

trafalgar square: james planned a surprise date on sat. we ended up going to a picasso exhibition at the national gallery.

spring??---i have high hopes for spring coming soon when i saw this on the way home from central london on saturday.

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