ok, call me crazy but i love getting clothes catalogues in the mail. i love daydreaming about outfits that i secretly wish would somehow appear in my closet--bypassing the worry of how its going to fit or how i'm going to pay for it. the funny thing is i've never considered myself a girly girl---exactly opposite. i have no darn idea what goes with what fashion wise and i haven't owned a skirt in like 5 years. just throw some mud on my face, add some facial hair and i'd fit right in with the rest of the blokes.

so when my toast (a little shop here in the UK) catalogue came, i threw out the ole' tomboy christine for an afternoon and feasted my eyes on pure glorious girly fun. i enjoyed escaping through the pictures that reminded me of quiet sunday walks through the side streets of italy and paris. i felt like i was flipping through someone's holiday photos instead of a 'catalogue' which to me is time well spent:

double click on the pics to see them better.

all images via s.s. catalog 09, toast.co.uk

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Kara Elmore said...

OH my - how I wish this is where I lived.:) I am daydreaming right along w/ you. Maybe I'll dress up to go grocery shopping w/ Mabel in tow.