the G20 summit

thought, i'd do a few thoughts on what's been happening here in london the last few days. for those of you who have been hiding under a rock--20 of the world's leaders are in london for a huge economic summit to try to resolve the horrid economy.

the city has been full of excitement and anger and hope all at the same time {if that's possible}. police are patrolling everywhere and travel has been weird: either no one around, delays due to protesting or completely crammed {no change from before on this one}. the excel centre where these world leaders are meeting is about 15-20 minutes by train from my house. lots of protesting. the protestors have moved to the docklands area now. it was icky yesterday as someone died near the bank of england and people's anger about everything spilled over into violence and breaking into a bank here (RBS). i don't think violence does anything personally, it completely makes your message of protesting weaker. so... one can only hope that things will be much more peaceful today.

times like this make it very cool to be living in this city. i love the thought of being so close to the action of such an important 'world event'. i just hope and pray that all these leaders can be inspired {can get along} and come up with some reasonable solutions to help end the financial suffering before it gets worse.

in the mean time remember those horrid class photos we all had to take in school? well this 'class photo' was taken yesterday of all the world leaders. you gotta wonder what they were thinking:

picture from here

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