happy photo no. 1

i have managed to get back in contact (via Facebook) with a dear friend from back in the days of jr. high. its been wonderful to hear about her life with her gorgeous family as well as be able to admire her huge talent as a part time professional photographer (i always for some reason, drift towards creative people). anyway--we've started this little challenge of trying to post a picture of something that made us happy each week. well anyway here's mine:

like I mentioned in my last post i have been feeling very knackered/tired. james and i went for a walk and the shadows were really clear over the pond that's right next to my house. i felt peaceful, happy and grateful all by the end of the walk. as you can see by the picture its no surprise why.

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karaelmore said...

I love this picture! And I've got to do mine... am I 2 weeks behind now? :) I've had some trouble w/ some images and can't use the card until I fix it. :(. So hopefully this weekend. I've great things in store - but they're not nearly as great as this one! ;)