james and i are in mourning today. we found out yesterday that our beloved pet duck 'george' who lived next door in the park for the last several years with his best duck-friend 'mildred' was TAKEN/STOLEN. now the horrible thing is that the pond that george and mildred lived was fenced off so whoever took george climbed over the fence to do it. james and i are upset to think why anyone could do something so cruel and i hate to think what they may have done with poor george. mildred seems so lost without him, but seems to be taking comfort with her other duck friends who fly in from time to time to visit.

i know george was just a duck and who cares right?-- but i think we are a relection of how we treat others (including animals) especially those who are vulnerable. it would have been one thing if george had been killed by a fox or died of sickness, but he wasn't---he was TAKEN from his home which to me is cruel and unnatural.

we constantly found such joy in visiting these two resident ducks each week. when things seemed overwhelming in our own lives we would pop over to say hello to our little friends. things didn't seem so bad after spending even just a few minutes with them. they say you can learn a lot from nature/animals--well george and mildred have taught us about letting things go, not judging and enjoying the moment. if you ever watch ducks or other animals you'll notice they don't fret tomorrow, they just get on with what they need to do today.

both george and mildred knew us well. i think they grew to recognize us after our frequent visits over the years. towards the end, george would let james gently pet him which for a wild duck is amazing. they consistently would quack when we came over and waddle over to say hello. albeit we always had some bread to give them, they came running whenever we arrived even still.

some people have goldfish, little dogs to match their purses or cats with weird names but we had ducks. we have such a hole in hearts for the loss of george. of course we will let you know how mildred is coping with her loss but in the mean time we will say a prayer of gratitude for this little thing that was such a joy in our life:

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Kara Elmore said...

This story touched me. You're so right about how we treat EVERYTHING is a reflection on who we are. Mabel was on the sidewalk yesterday and was SO excited to squish the crap out of a rollie pollie. Now - she's 2, granted... but I all of a suddem felt for that little rollie and thought "OH NO - what if it's mom is waiting for him to come home for dinner??" : ) Yes - we are who we are in every instance - whether people are looking or not. George and Mildred ... darling little couple that I hope will be together again soon. I hope you get to see them together soon!