market + movies

the weather has been glorious the last few days. perfect for getting rid of unemployment blues. so being as exciting people as we are---we walked up to blackheath farmers market to do some (are you ready for this)------'food shopping'. i secretly love it though.

i love how the market changes with the seasons.

how you can find the most beautiful looking vegetables you've ever seen.

how you can pile up on stuff like this, without worrying if you'll gain 50 lbs:

how fresh herbs are available at my doorstep and how we just can't resist buying some to add to our potted indoor garden.

i also like how close blackheath market is to greenwich park. how we can see awesome trees nearly as old as america, with birds watching us watching them. (double click to see better)

i love how we can get icecream on hot days like today and mosy along soaking up the scenery--all of this only 20 minutes away from our house.

i also love how from a distance, you always usually see unexpected things going on at the naval college:

like this weird green screen which turned out to be a movie set for 'gulliver's travel's out in 2010 with jack black and amanda peet. weird cause just last week they were filming re-shoots of the wolfman with benicio del toro and anothony hopkins. this looks like some sort of 'royal courtyard' don't you think?

i wonder what far-off land they'll digitally make this into? maybe with kings and queens or or beautiful maidens?

with props like this it makes me want to tag along.

i know---maybe we can stow away on their ship. heck we're unemployed---we'll work for food eh?

sadly, i don't think jack black's contract has room to add us as 'exotic stow-aways' though.

maybe next time i guess. one can day-dream.


sherrie said...

i love farmers markets too. we have a big one about 20 minutes from my house. they are a joy :)

Lori Ann said...

I want to go to your farmer's market! I love all the pictures, they make me want to travel!

Michelloui said...

Farmers markets! Fresh food, good weather (even rain seems ok this time of year), fresh flowers, lovely!

Love the photos on your site, a nice place to stop by and browse for a bit! Great photo-journal of London.