psychic readings

today the sun was glorious and we decided to go to mudchute farm for a bit of a picnic and then stopping off at greenwich before heading home. we wandered through an absolutely packed market and for some reason felt drawn to have a 'reading' at a stall---i think she calls herself a 'palmist' but after the reading i think she really could call herself a psychic as well.

i went in with pretty low expectations but i thought it might be a bit of fun as i've never had an extensive 'reading' done. i've only really had my palm read in egypt once on a boat floating down the nile but it was a pretty generic one that could have been given to any old tom, dick or jane. i feel like you have to be careful sometimes of palm/tarot card readers as they really don't know what they are doing and try to fit a reading based off of body language, carefully asked questions, etc. some think its voodoo, which i disagree but i believe its luck of the draw whether you get a really good/legitimate reader. anyway, i think my slight skeptism made me very very quiet with her, only answering yes or no as needed.

there were 3 sections to the reading: tarot, astrological and palm reading. i was first asked to shuffle cards and then pick 3 random cards thinking about what my heart desired. after this she then looked at my star chart telling me things about my life based on the planets alignment, etc at the time of my birth. finally she read my palm again telling me things based on the lines in my hand.

well, i was NOT prepared for how dead on she would be--i would say she was 98-99% correct. she knew that i had lost my job and how, that i was at a crossroads, feeling confused, that i used to be a teacher, that i had a difficult childhood, that i love nature, that i'm a creative person, that i've been in knots recently, that i've contemplated moving, even that i've dabbled in the idea of writing a book (and other dead-on things). she knew that james and i were very independent people and that i've really struggled in my life as well. albeit i'm not sure how accurate she'll be about what she said with what's in store for me in the future, it was still incredibly interesting and freaky. please remember we did NOT tell her any of this info beforehand and only briefly spoke 'yes or no' when questioned.

i guess i found comforting in a weird way, almost like the universe understood what was going on in my life and was watching out for me. like my destiny's been written in the stars and someone very in-tune with things i don't understand was just giving me a message. several moments during the short 15 minute reading i was holding back tears cause it felt so cool that some random stranger knew so much about little old me. in an unusual way it made me feel not so lonely and connected to something a lot more grand.

i don't know if i'd ever recommend readings to anyone as you really need to be open to the idea. but i'm really glad that i did it particularly with the way i've been feeling. i've only got 4 days left of my internship and i've been quite torn inside on where my life is going. i guess its a very exciting time as so much potential and possibility is open to me. change is a good thing and life can only get better and more beautiful as it goes on.


Anonymous said...

I think it's good to be open to such possibilities. I met a woman several years ago who did "sessions" with me a few times. She was getting a Master's in psychology, but she also had an amazing psychic gift. She told me I had ancestors, especially my father's grandmother, who were especially interested in me, and in trying to help me. She explained that when she had an appointment with someone, that person's "guardian angel", whoever was taking a special interest in helping them, would start tuning in to her, and giving her things to say. It did seem to help, when I was trying to get things figured out after my cancer. And I know what you mean about having to be careful, because not everyone is genuine. I've had that fake-y kind of reading before where they pump you for information, and then feed it back to you. It's really a different feeling. I think it's okay to let yourself be open enough to listen. And then trust your feelings about what is said. I hope the message was positive and supportive of you as a person.
Aunt Gail

christine said...

Thanks Gail

I honestly did wonder if this lady was trying to give me a message from the other side as everything she said struck such a chord. I was really fighting back the tears in the session on how dead on she was and how I needed to hear exactly what she was saying at that moment in time.

Who knows I may just have to go back to her.