Catching Up

wow its been a long time since i've blogged it seems. we've just been busy with life i guess--trying to not let it go completely out of control. its been nice to regroup--being doing lots of soul searching and making efforts in changing my life for the better.

i won't bore you with the little details of everything we've been doing but i'll at least give you our 4th of july which was the most recent 'big' event. we went out to the countryside to visit james' parents in staffordshire for a longish weekend. bbq, potato salad and everything---and true to english tradition spots of rain throughout. there's nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear the cobwebs out.

being city folk as we are we aint used to mornings like this:

how even simple things like windows can manage to look this good:

how easy it is to take long lazy walks down the lanes:

how views like this are just outside the door:

i think the relaxed look on james' face says it all. we could seriously get used to this.

hope you are all well my friends.

christine xoxoxo

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Lori Ann said...

I've missed your posts! I'm glad that you've been able to relax and enjoy yourself in the country. Love the pics!