health care in england

i've been hearing about a lot of debate going on with health care back in the USA. i find it hilarious that so much rubbish is being spread round by some about how they believe nationalized health care automatically turns your country into a socialist, commie loving, freedom sucking nation. i've heard how much 'fear' there is that the US will turn into Europe and how some describe Europe as socialist, completely lacking morals, yada yada. well, i'm hear to say that i've had both health care systems and having a NHS has been bloody brilliant.

you get choice....a lot of choice. you can still keep your private care if you want but if you want/need the NHS its there. having children is free, ambulance rides are free, prescriptions cost a blanket amount (less than $20), the list goes on. its far from perfect but it works and the quality of living that it brings and pure ease of mind is worth it.

to me...in the US you pay for police/fire/schools why not add health care to it? the US pays the most per person in the world, but die quicker. There's the argument that you don't want the government interfering with your health and standing in between your doctor.....its bull. in the US your insurance company stands between you and your doctor. even if you do have insurance there's still no guarantee that you'll get coverage. the US is the only country in the world where people loose their homes over health.

to me its a reflection of us as individuals how we treat our poor and sick and the system in the US is just not working. it needs its own unique system, different to Europe that will fit all of Americans needs.

take it from someone who has seen both worlds.....really a NHS is FANTASTIC. why do you think europeans enjoy life so much and are so much more relaxed, cause we don't have to worry about whether we get sick!!

anyway, just food for thought.

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