hope, blueberries + £5 miracles

after a glorious day on saturday doing a clean-out and organization of our flat james and i sat down together and watched a wonderful oldie but goodie, shawshank redemption.

the message of remembering to have hope was particularly timely for us. I like this particular 'highlights' clip of the movie from youtube that captures this just perfectly:

we then did a glorious walk up through blackheath to the farmers market....bought buckets of blueberries after treating ourselves to breakfast out. there's nothing like fresh blueberries from a local farm.

greenwich park was next albeit oddly quiet today due to the clouds overhead. james and i love the trees in the park, so oddly peaceful and strange looking. i love touching them to feel their different textures and looking up through the branches to see how the light touches each tree differently.

although i brought my camera out, didn't bother with any pictures. wanted to enjoy the moment. felt like if i wasted any time getting my camera out, i'd miss one second of a very perfect afternoon.

after the park we walked through greenwich village stopping by to get a few small items of food from the local shop. i popped some random change into a charity collection box and we then went to another favorite greenwich haunt---the bookshop. after we left, james told me he had just found a £5 on the floor of the store. thought it was ironic that 10 minutes after we gave money to charity we were given a £5 gift like that. i really feel that if you practice service, trusting that the universe is 'abundance' and not lack that you'll be taken care of in the most of miraculous ways. since james and i have adopted this attitude we've always had little miracles like this...finding change all over london nearly totalling £30 ($50) this yr alone. when we worried about money (when we were making about 5 times more too) we never found money in random places and we always never seemed to have enough.

so a great weekend full of lessons and tiny miracles. hope your weekend was great as well my friends.

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