pity parties

james and i sometimes get stuck in pity parties about our situation. although we're entitled to the occasional bout of discouragement we do somehow manage to pull ourselves through and continue to plod on.

one thing that i forget easily is we all have our own personal cross to bear that only we can carry. i tend to think i'm the only one going through things but i'm not.....everyone is in some way or another dealing with their own struggles. its about never giving up hope and most importantly realizing that you are not alone in the journey.

one thing that i found really inspiring was a recent post by the blogger, pioneer woman. i'm an avid reader of her blog. she is helping out another popular blogger, fatcyclist raise money for the lance armstrong foundation in honour of his wife's battle with cancer. currently they are at 33,000.00$ (yesterday it was only $15k). although it helps there's a very nice nikon camera/photoshop prize being offered in a 'raffle', i find this inspiring to see people's spirit of giving particularly in a recession (james and i of course donated too---we need another camera!). what was even more inspiring though was the comments left on ree's post. she's asked us to leave an answer to the question, "what do you fight in life?". i was so moved by people's answers/stories of every day courage. here are some that have caught my eye:

no. 33
I fight my “Weight”……..ugh

no. 74
I fight for my family, whether that means helping my husband be the man he can be,needs to be and wants to be, helping my sons to be kind, just and honest young men or if it means that I just need to get up again and be the best mom I know how-I fight to keep us a strong family.

no. 77
I fight the urge to give up, even just for a few hours.

no. 103
I am always fighting my inner voice that says it’s never clean, it’s never good enough, the kids are miserable and you are not happy and you are a failure.

no. 115
I fight negative thoughts on a daily basis. I’m doing better though, STOP THOUGHT

no. 148
I am a colon cancer survivor and have been cancer free for almost a year. I fight worry. My goal is to consciously live my life fully each day and not be dragged down by worry!

no. 165
i fight the fear of failure. i want so much to be the best mom i can be to my two daughters, but i’m so afraid that i’m going to do (or not do) something to mess the punks up good. but i just have to remind myself that each day is a new day, and all i can do is my best.

no. 235
I fight against becoming everything I hate. The struggle of sin nature!

no. 288
I fight fear. I always fear that I am going to fail and that holds me back alot! I fear that I won’t be good enough at something so sometimes I just don’t try or I don’t give it my all. But with the birth of my daughter just 4months ago….I have started to view fear a little differently…I was fearful that I wouldn’t be a good father well..that fear has caused me to strive even more to be a good father…so while I still fight fear I fight it differently…I am using the fear to fuel me on and to really push me on…so now when I am fearing a situation…I figure well this is where I am at…and so I am going to even give it more..I am going to beat this fear…!

no. 3627
I fight, constantly, that little girl inside myself who grew up being told she just wasn’t good enough.

no. 3633
I’m also fighting breast cancer. I’ve had six surgeries in eighteen months, the last was a few weeks ago. But I know that I’ve been luckier than Susan. She has to fight harder. But we’re both lucky to have pretty awesome and involved husbands. Let’s give a shout out to the support troops. Thanks, everyone!
P.S. I beat thyroid cancer already and I expect to continue my winning streak!

no. 3651
What do I fight - I daily fight the affects of brain damage to my wonderful hubby. That is a fight that has been going on for 10 years due to an accident. It’s a daily fight, one foot in front of the other, each day.

no. 3721
Every day, I fight the urge to pull the covers up over my head and stay in bed for the next 3 days.

no. 3748
I fight for balance & simplicity.

no. 3643
christine said:
I fight for balance and everyday trying to live my best life.

if you want to read more inspiring personal stories the link is here. also the contest is still on for the camera/photoshop if you are interested until the end of the weekend. if any of you are brave, i'd love to hear what you fight in life in the comment section here.

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