sisterhood & happy photo 3

i've always been drawn to em falconbridges blog for some reason. she exudes such a 'presence' 'peace' and 'joy' for life that i am still striving to do in mine. she and several of her friends' blogs i've stumbled upon teach me daily to 'just be' and for that i'm grateful. although i've never met her and probably never will sadly---i'm not surprised that she is so well loved by all who meet her. she is on her way back temporarily for 6 months to her home country of australia and recently her good friends threw her a 'see you later' (not a goodbye) party to wish her well on her journey. i was so incredibly touched by their words of sisterhood and love. its reminds me how much friendships are needed and how much we need to stick together in this life.

photo by tara whitney

finally although its been a few weeks since we returned from the countryside, my mind is still on the glorious morning walks through the garden...the sun hitting the grass, the quiet, the chickens and roosters and the lonely cow walking cross the field. this photo (taken on one morning in the garden) is my happy photo for the week...the colours, oh the colours were so hard to forget:

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