Mondo Beyondo Secret Mission

Our assignment was to take little pieces of positive affirmation that we were given in a lesson a few days earlier and put them in a public place...somewhere where we could spread a bit of encouragement and goodness out there.

I printed off another copy, cut along the dotted lines, colored them pretty and James and I went for a walk. Its a bank holiday today and what better day to spread some encouragement when people are off work.

Our first stop was a post box...very nervous and James said if we were caught we could probably be hung, drawn and quartered...so we werent' going to allow ourselves to get caught:

The next stop was right in front of our dream house (thats still on the market by the way)

We then went and found books in our local/favorite bookshop relating to our specific dreams and put them inside each book. This one was a lot more difficult because it was busy and people were starting to eye us up...Thus no pictures...but still the goodness was sent out there. I think I'm going to take a few of these with me wherever I go from now on. It was freakin scary the first time, but it got easier and who knows who will find these messages of hope/encouragement and what joy it might bring to them!


Picture Hope

I first heard of Jen through Kelly Rae. I donated some money back in 2008 to help build a house for a deserving woman in Rwanda. Funny how things come together because Jen is now one of those people who sponsored the Mondo Beyondo (MB) class I'm now doing.

Anyway, in one of the MB lessons Jen interviews SARK about dreaming big. She (jen) mentions one of her own MB dreams coming true...winning $50,000 to travel the world taking pictures of hope. How freakin' awesome is that. Well...the posting is already started and I am completely hooked---the pictures, the stories....such a chance to fill your heart to the brim with much needed inspiration.

picture by jen


Mondo Beyondo List


Ok, I'm loving my Mondo Beyondo class and the people and the lessons and just everything about it. My gosh, its amazing how the universe draws you to things you need at just the right moment in time (particularly right now with me as I've felt like I'm falling apart recently). The people....can I say how lovely and supportive and compassionate they have been to not only me but are to everyone on the forums??? What incredibly beautiful, strong women!! Its the first place I've had an inkling of feeling 'safe' (which is HUGE for me) in a very long time and I know that I'll remember Mondo Beyondo long after because of the sense of gratitude I have right now in my heart.

Right...down to business. Our assignment was to set the timer for 15 minutes and let the pen flow writing our dreams and desires, no matter how way out and wacky. Anyway....this initial list is what came out of my session:

-Meet Oprah
- Visit Naples and the Amalfi Coast
- Become fluent in French
- Get a job that I absolutely adore that pays the bills and has enough left over for future
- Have healthy relationships (with myself and those around me)
- Good health: Mind, Body, Spirit
- Visit Tribes in Africa
- Have the arts in my life every single day
- Become extremely well-read
- Make a difference in people's lives
- Become a yoga instructor and life coach (pt or ft)
- Have more friendships
- Visit NYC
- Visit Hawaii
- Tuscany and Venice, spend more time there
- Become really good at creating something beautiful and share it with others
- Be independent, empowered, confident and relaxed in my own skin
- Teach people about healthy eating
- Have a garden with vegetables and flowers
- Own a house

A few surprises, a lot not so suprising. I can't wait to nourish the above and make them a reality.



1. Butterfly6, 2. Butterfly5, 3. Butterfly4, 4. Butterfly3, 5. Butterfly2, 6. Butterfly

It was nice actually getting out today to do SOMETHING and try to forget about our worries for at least a few hours. We went to the Natural History Museum and to the Butterfly Jungle exhibition. I was a tad disappointed as it seemed like there were hardly any butterflies!! I wanted more kind of like the really awesome experience I had @ London Zoo last year. Oh well, the few we saw were beautiful.

We then treated ourselves to lunch at Whole Foods Kensington. We desperately needed vitamins and a few speciality items that we find it difficult to get at our usual stores (like decent steel cut oatmeal and au natural flax seed corn chips) and then treated ourselves to a shared bowl of leek & potato soup, whole grain rolls and a huge nicoise salad with red wine vinagrette. Lunch was the cheapest...we spent an entire £11, not bad for London.


Thoughts on Acceptance (re-post from 28/3/08)

Am re-posting this as I've been thinking about exactly these thoughts today:


This phrase has come to mean a lot to me recently and I think its such a wonderful & powerful prayer/mantra. What I know for sure is that acceptance of the moment/the now and situations out of your control can be so difficult sometimes. But doing all you can and then letting God/the universe pick up the slack can bring so much peace. I forget this principle a lot, but I just do my best which is all I can do . In a way its not really the end result that matters but the process getting there right?

Your thoughts, Comments?


A whole lot of Nothing

Ok, I got nothing. I used to write about things I did in London and abroad but then James and I have been stuck in unemployment, literally stuck in our house cause we CAN'T afford to do much besides buying our weekly groceries and the occasional cinema stop out of boredom and just to shake up the ole schedule. Nothing says exciting blog reading like watching episodes of Kendra whilst trying to not put on 50lbs after a 'spin' class accident last week, when you can hardly walk, yet try to haul your ass to some sort of gym activity anyway (just so your $100 a month gym fees aren't a complete waste). Ah the life.

I keep trying to tell myself that there's some sort of 'lesson' in all of this unemployment, that eventually things will get better and I WONT turn into a bitter 80 yr old single woman, who lives with 20 cats, who sells her blood on e-bay to pay for her pb&j sandwiches and wears a sweatshirt with an appliqued 'kitty' on the front. I'm trying damn it....swimming like a crazy woman trying to get to her ship thats come in. But the people on the ship are too busy playing croquet on the lido deck and they don't hear me screaming that I want to get on with everyone else. I want to get on the boat!!

Don't get me wrong, I am at least trying very hard to be positive about this and try to look at the glass being full...I guess occassionally I get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed and INCREDIBLY lonely. I am trying so hard to be my best authentic self, to make friends somehow (even if it seems like they all run away after a while) and to progress but it hasn't been easy. I just get so consumed with 'trying' that I forget to 'just be'. I keep paddling along fighting the rapids, but I need to just go with the current. Although my head knows this, its my heart and body that doubt myself and get consumed with doing well. I'm determined to make a difference and to live a good life and I need to stop wasting so much time. I can do things, things will happen but its about trusting and knowing that 'everything is going to be ok'.

So forgive me if I don't have new and exciting posts at the moment of my life in London/travelling. Its just everyday stuff right now that consumes our existence. But in my opinion its the every day, boring, mundane stuff thats the most beautiful.


Coco avant Chanel

picture from here

Went to see Coco avant Chanel out of sheer boredom today. Last time I saw a movie in French with English subtitles was my 9th grade French class, I don't know much about style and my only knowledge of Chanel is Chanel no. 5 which I think smells like old lady. But, I went anyway and surprisingly I liked it. I felt civilized watching a foreign 'independent' film particularly in French. For two hours I managed to forget about unemployment, job applications and James taking off to Wales for a week leaving me by myself and felt like I was in vintage chic Paris which was fine by me.

I admired Coco's strength and I thought Audrey Tatou did brilliantly. She was beautiful, the clothes were beautiful, the scenery was beautiful and of course the french was beautiful.

Maybe I should try to watch a bit of French cinema 'avec anglais' more often eh?