Coco avant Chanel

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Went to see Coco avant Chanel out of sheer boredom today. Last time I saw a movie in French with English subtitles was my 9th grade French class, I don't know much about style and my only knowledge of Chanel is Chanel no. 5 which I think smells like old lady. But, I went anyway and surprisingly I liked it. I felt civilized watching a foreign 'independent' film particularly in French. For two hours I managed to forget about unemployment, job applications and James taking off to Wales for a week leaving me by myself and felt like I was in vintage chic Paris which was fine by me.

I admired Coco's strength and I thought Audrey Tatou did brilliantly. She was beautiful, the clothes were beautiful, the scenery was beautiful and of course the french was beautiful.

Maybe I should try to watch a bit of French cinema 'avec anglais' more often eh?

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sherrie said...

i watched a show about her awhile back and i thought she was great. it was in english though :)