Mondo Beyondo List


Ok, I'm loving my Mondo Beyondo class and the people and the lessons and just everything about it. My gosh, its amazing how the universe draws you to things you need at just the right moment in time (particularly right now with me as I've felt like I'm falling apart recently). The people....can I say how lovely and supportive and compassionate they have been to not only me but are to everyone on the forums??? What incredibly beautiful, strong women!! Its the first place I've had an inkling of feeling 'safe' (which is HUGE for me) in a very long time and I know that I'll remember Mondo Beyondo long after because of the sense of gratitude I have right now in my heart.

Right...down to business. Our assignment was to set the timer for 15 minutes and let the pen flow writing our dreams and desires, no matter how way out and wacky. Anyway....this initial list is what came out of my session:

-Meet Oprah
- Visit Naples and the Amalfi Coast
- Become fluent in French
- Get a job that I absolutely adore that pays the bills and has enough left over for future
- Have healthy relationships (with myself and those around me)
- Good health: Mind, Body, Spirit
- Visit Tribes in Africa
- Have the arts in my life every single day
- Become extremely well-read
- Make a difference in people's lives
- Become a yoga instructor and life coach (pt or ft)
- Have more friendships
- Visit NYC
- Visit Hawaii
- Tuscany and Venice, spend more time there
- Become really good at creating something beautiful and share it with others
- Be independent, empowered, confident and relaxed in my own skin
- Teach people about healthy eating
- Have a garden with vegetables and flowers
- Own a house

A few surprises, a lot not so suprising. I can't wait to nourish the above and make them a reality.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about the Mondo Beyondo group of people, it is truly a wonderful experience.

What sort of stuff would you like to read?

The Other Laura said...

What beautiful dreams! Way to go...

MB Sister

jacque said...

awesome list!
i'm so glad to be on this mondo beyondo journey with you. i agree, for me at least, it has been quite a positive awareness-expanding experience thus far----and it's only the first week!
if you come to NYC any time soon, let me know--i am just across the river in new jersey and work in NYC

christine said...

Oh, thanks ladies. :)

I would like to read a combination of books to be well-rounded...classics, modern, spirituality, health, politics, etc.

Jo said...

Loving your list. I agree absolutely about the MB women - awesome. There's magic in the air!

Jolie said...

Love love love your list-- and, yes, Mondo Beyondo is so amazing. I'm so excited about what's happening there!