Mondo Beyondo Secret Mission

Our assignment was to take little pieces of positive affirmation that we were given in a lesson a few days earlier and put them in a public place...somewhere where we could spread a bit of encouragement and goodness out there.

I printed off another copy, cut along the dotted lines, colored them pretty and James and I went for a walk. Its a bank holiday today and what better day to spread some encouragement when people are off work.

Our first stop was a post box...very nervous and James said if we were caught we could probably be hung, drawn and quartered...so we werent' going to allow ourselves to get caught:

The next stop was right in front of our dream house (thats still on the market by the way)

We then went and found books in our local/favorite bookshop relating to our specific dreams and put them inside each book. This one was a lot more difficult because it was busy and people were starting to eye us up...Thus no pictures...but still the goodness was sent out there. I think I'm going to take a few of these with me wherever I go from now on. It was freakin scary the first time, but it got easier and who knows who will find these messages of hope/encouragement and what joy it might bring to them!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to take the notes with you wherever you go! I think I might do the same!

sherrie said...

great idea, i love that! i would love to find a note like that somewhere random or in a book :)