500 days of summer + other things

Really liked this flick I saw over the weekend....made me think about relationships which has been on my mind alot. Loved how they explored how there's two sides to relationships: expectation/reality. The fact Summer said after everything (can't tell you otherwise it would ruin the story) she now didn't have the uncertainty that she did with Tom--really made me think. Sad ending, but glad to see the reality/not glossed over Hollywood endings.

Speaking of relationships....been finding it hard to cope the last few days as James leaves tomorrow for our month apart. Woke up @ 5 am and burst into tears cause I was so overwhelmed with everything. I never asked for this to happen and I'm trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of my life. I keep thinking that I shouldn't be upset and I should be coping better...yada yada. Screw that...I'm doing the best I can with what I have. I think I've got every reason to be a bit overwhelmed with what's on my plate. I worry too damn much about what people think (that I'm too negative, etc). Why should I care what they think when they don't know me? Tomorrow I'll be positive...right now I'm going to do everything I can to embrace my messy, screwed up life.

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