I'm off!!

I'm off to my Healing Trip Monday so will be signing off for a week or so....Lots of fears and anxiety for some reason with me going. I'm hoping though that it will give me a good start to figuring out myself and much needed soul nourishment. That said, I'm afraid some will judge me if I tell you exactly where I'm going because of our money/employment situation. Some may figure it out when I start posting or know already. All I'll say on this is that the universe really took care of us and wants me to go to this place and made this seriously happen in ways that were down right miraculous. We are not being affected in a negative way for this trip at all. I don't know how it happened, but I'm going and it makes me scared in a way because if the universe wants me to go to this place this badly....its gonna be life changing. Anyway, I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot to blog about when I return and pictures to share. In the mean time.....these are a few not so obvious pictures of the place I'm off to. I didn't take them and I wont give you a link because then you'll know where it is...but they are all from the same photographer on Flickr. If you really want to know the photographer I'll e-mail you the link, but not without being sworn to secrecy first. Anyway, this is where i'm going:

See you all in a week or so!!

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sherrie said...

looks heavenly! i bet you are having a nice relaxing time. you deserve it. and i must know where it is! you're killing me christine :)