toast catalogue: autumn

oh my heck i got a welcome surprise in the post the other day....the autumn catalogue of toast. considering james is still gone and i'm trying to save money by not leaving the house very much this week in lieu of my big trip coming up....sadly catalogues are a huge source of entertainment at the moment.

every picture is like this completely artistic perfectly set up photo...who cares about the products I'll scorough the pages for hours just to admire the creativity:

pictures from toast.co.uk

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karaelmore.typepad.com said...

OH MY WORD! OHHHH WOW - that first picture. OHHH WOW! That's the same reason I love Anthropologie - YES I adore the entire content ... but it's the photography locations. :) So sorry I haven't emailed. Beside myself w/ baby maby right now. I'll email soon. :)