Friends: old & new

Did I tell you I made some new friends on holiday? It was hard not to with the activities we did...stripping all down to our vulnerable selves and everything. It was fantastic because I got a few e-mails/names to take away and even did the social thing and had dinner with people a couple of times. It felt sooooo good to make connections with real life people, not just computer ones!! I hope that the friends I made on my trip I will be able to keep for a very long time.

Speaking of friends...I want to tell you about a dear friend Kara. I knew Kara from way back when in Jr High. She was popular, I was a band geek. Anyway...I felt like a queen back then because she spoke to me all the time and was so kind. Oh her kindness!! It made such a confused geeky kid feel like I was important because SHE was speaking to little old me! Well, through glorious Facebook we've managed to re-connect like we never lost contact ever. She's got the sweetest little family and I'm very grateful that she's in my life again. You can never feel bad when you speak to her and no surprise she's a creative soul like me. I LOVE PICTURES and she's a professional photographer (How funny it seems that I always connect with creative people) and I could look at her pictures every single day. She's given me permission to post a few of my favorite shots of hers:

P.S. She does do color pics, but these happened to be my favorite. Anyway...go check out her site and send her some happy thoughts/love/good Karma!!

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Kara Elmore said...

I love you Christine! :) You brighten my days all the time. Thank you for posting this!!!