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1- We've decided to do things differently this year for the holiday season. We are drastically, drastically cutting out things, cutting down on the entire holiday season (like to the bare minimum) so we can afford to go to Paris for New Years Eve for a few 'quiet' days (plus cashing in our airmiles helps). We are getting to the age that we don't want more 'stuff', we want more wonderful experiences to remember. Last year I felt like we were eating for a straight 3 months and we don't want that nor the wastage and hassle that comes with the holidays. Paris is also cheaper (believe it or not) than London and so we'll be saving money rather than trying to do things @home over this period. It will also be great to get there before the year is over and in a season we've never been to the city yet. Don't know if it will snow, but I hear the holiday decorations and fireworks on the Eiffel Tower are divine.

2- Our flat will be available to rent for this period 31 December (morning)- January 3 (afternoon) if you are interested in spending New Years Eve in London. We are only 10 minutes away from Greenwich Park and 20 minutes from Big Ben where the fireworks are. Contact me (see sidebar) if you are interested.

3- I want to apologize for the manically depressive tone my blog seems to have @ the moment and has had. I know I can write whatever the heck I want on here, but still I want to inspire people not make people want to flee. The truth is I think on blogland people want to forget about their troubles and I'm stock full of troubles (at least temporarily). Well anyway, I'm not going to completely hide everything that's going on in my life but maybe write things a bit better/with more of a positive + humorous spin as to not sound so completely suicidal.

4- There's a chance that I may put 'blogher' ads back up. I'm not trying to sell out and go all complex again and although the money was crap I did get more exposure for my blog through them and thats what my intention is for this blog to make more friends/connections with wonderful souls.

5- I'm looking for any potential work I can do remotely (from my house) for any of you. If you have things that need typing (I speed type) or researched, or similiar things that can be done from afar...let me know as I can be your gal :)

Besides this---Nothing exciting going on with James and I. Been changing around quite a bit on our flat, watching movies, basically sticking around our little corner of SE London. Lots of stuff coming up in the next few weeks so many things to post!!

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Kara Elmore said...

Don't worry about what you choose to type. Even though YOU may think it's rough sounding - the rest of us who love you love to KNOW what's going on. Not a facade. We want YOU! No matter what words/feelings come out.

:) loves.