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Ok, I've had this secret love of Jamie Oliver the last 6-8 wks or so. I've always liked him since he's done so much food crusading here over the years (he's over in the states now actually trying to do similiar stuff) + adore his Italian cookbook. But, I've really been into him since he decided to do an American cookbook/show full of traditional food from the USA. I've never seen a healthy (ish) book of American dishes before and I'm grateful and a tad bit embarrased that a Brit could create American food like this and this good. Of course the show was just as good and saw bits of the US that I've never heard about. Anyway, get a load of the poster for the show/book:

Its also cool cause he's got a restaurant that just opened like 20 minutes from my house in Canary Wharf, Jamie's Italian. We used to go all the time to another great Italian restaurant, but we were hooked to someplace new when we first went to Jamie's place a few weeks back. The food is fantastic and a good price which is just what we like.

He's also got his own product line. Check out how cool looking some of this stuff is?

Well anyway...I know my love affair with Jamie is just a phase but its the little things that get you through eh? I really love cooking and what can I say... little things like cook books and foodie shows get me excited.

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