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Have been having a bit of a set-back with my spirits recently. Trying to remind myself what I learned over my healing retreat....meditate, nourish myself, take one moment at a time. Well funny thing is this morning I woke up to a lot of much needed inspiration that hit just the right chords at the right time:

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Stephanie Nielson or 'Nie Nie'...I've known about for a while because its been impossible not to if you are on Blogland. I was reluctant to follow her initially because she's LDS and I've had such a painful history w/the church (I formally took my name off this yr after almost 10 yrs of not practicing). I didn't want another mommy blogger on my blogroll either because frankly I find it difficult to relate as I don't have or ever want children. Well anyway... I decided one day to just give up my resistance and give her a chance and I read her entire blog in like an hour and a half. I fell in love with her spirit and her courage in the face of such huge obstacles. She is an inspiration and a reminder to me how far you can go with a bit of gratitude and love in your life every day.

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Kelly Rae Roberts: I have been following her for a while. I'm drawn to her uplifting and inspiring art. This morning I found this picture on her blog (see above) with this written:

.....for all of you struggling with overwhelm, critical decisions, heavy relationships, financial burden, illness, anxiety, vocational struggle, creative ruts, and unending tiredness....hold on, hold on, hold on. you are not alone. you are more than your struggle. and you are deeply, deeply loved.

I wish she had comment boxes still because I'd tell her how much I needed to hear this today. I'm grateful for the post she did. When I can swing a few pennies I think I may actually buy the print of this painting to remind me of this experience.

Finally Kindness Girl and Tara Whitney. I found Kindness Girls blog through Jen Lemen and twitter this morning. I think its awesome what she's trying to do with her guerilla goodness (random acts of kindness) project. Inspiring and makes me want to think of ways to make my own guerilla goodness every day in my own life. Tara...love her, love her photos....and what a timely and awesome picture she posted today....needed it like you wouldn't believe. You MUST check it out here.

So thanks Ladies for the inspiration today and thank you universe for sending it my way.


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megg said...

hey! Thanks for all of the shared inspiration today - I needed it too!!

I have had so many problems with the MB website, I haven't been able to contact you so I wanted to try it this way (that way if you don't want to moderate it to the world, you don't have to!) Lee and I are meeting in London on the 29th - would you come too?? We're meeting at teasmith!

I'd love to meet you!!!