Travel Surfing

I'm bored....really bored. My activities are pretty limited right now and despite exercise, job searching, cleaning, reading, venturing out on weekends,etc....I cant do much in order to save the ole pennies as we are hoping to maybe do SOMETHING over the holiday period. So I've been surfing again ...this time I've stumbled upon a topic close to my heart--some awesome travel-esque pictures:

Sara Remington...a commercial photographer..whose blog I've been following for a while went to Argentina and Calabria and these are pictures of her trip:

I love these pictures as they make me feel as if I'm right there participating...especially the meal one above heck I can totally picture myself asking someone to pass the potatoes.

Some other sites I've rather liked recently as well are Alexandra Grablewski and Anna Williams who both do some pretty amazing travel photography as well.

I've been thinking a lot about what my destiny is in life and poignantly I read yesterday that...we all know our destiny all ready we just have to get rid of the thoughts and clouds of emotions that get in the way of remembering what it is. Looking at the above...has made me wonder if I should do that for a living...I don't though...I think I have a heck of a lot more clouds to clear out before I'll know for certain.

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