the 29 day give

I read a story on Oprah.com that has inspired me. Basically its about a woman who was diagnosed with MS and decided to spend the next 29 days of her life doing one act of simple kindness each day. Didn't have to be a material thing, but just one act..like calling someone to say hello, sending a nice e-mail, making dinner for your partner. Well her emotional, physical, spiritual, mental 'buckets' were very very much overflowing by the end of it. She didn't cure her MS, but she sure gained back the ability to live her life.

I've heard a lot about how service is our biggest purpose here on earth. I agree with that. With me personally my problems get so FREAKIN overwhelming sometimes that I forget about others, I forget that there are people out there who have it much worse than I do.

So...I'm going to do a little experiment that I think is perfect for this time of year. I've signed up to the 29 day challenge. I am glad that if you miss a day (or two) that 'its ok' and when you're ready you just pick up where you left off. Gosh, its nice to know I don't have to be perfect with everything.

Anyway, to start the challenge off I'm popping off to the post office a bit later to mail out some goodness into the world. Won't say more than that, other than its lots of 'goodness'.

In the mean time, watch my twitter for updates on what I'm doing each day w/this challenge and I'll report back here at the end of 29 days to let you know my thoughts on everything as well.

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