The Gratitude List

1. the fact I'm still here, I'm still standing in one piece
2. warm blankets
3. Oprah
4. good books
5. Dr Quinn re-runs to break up the day
6. James for teaching me patience and acceptance
7. Gold Stars (going well, not 100% but sticking to it)
8. The internet
9. Support groups that I've started attending recently
10. meditation and Buddhism for creating it
11. the arts, especially here in this city
12. the smell of crisp bonfire in the cool air
13. a body that still manages to work after what I've put it through
14. pretty pictures
15. my camera and actually starting to figure it out
16. An interview came my way just this week
17. That I have food and a place to sleep every night
18. That I have had the chance to meet people, extraordinary people since living here
19. Kitty and how she runs like crazy every time she sees us
20. Warm showers when its freezing outside
21. Brita Filters
22. Organic Flaxseed + Soya Chips and Hummus
23. Charlie Brown
24. Audrey Hepburn
25. Javier Bardem in Vicky Christina Barcelona
26. Dark Chocolate
27. That I have a few friends that still speak to me even after they get to know me
28. Yoga
29. Mildred, our pet duck
30. Long Walks through Greenwich Park
31. Learning to laugh more
32. River Cottage, the t.v. show
33. Ugly Betty
34. How I felt like this week when I got to get myself a new shirt for my interview
35. Jamie Oliver...his new American cookbook, his restaurant, his causes
36. a cheap weekend to Paris in December, that we haven't had to cancel it out of financial ruin or something. :)
37. Finding a new healthy burrito take-out place today...who do California mission style vegetarian burritos full of nothing but healthy goodness.
38. Sisters and Daughters, Waterstones, Anthropologie, Fat Face, Gap---who give me endless ogling hours.
39. Organic icecream and homemade chocolate pumpkin brownies
40. No dead mice on our living room carpet like we found last month
41. Sunday naps
42. Listening to peoples stories. Every story matters
43. Sesame Street...I hear it was their anniversary recently. They taught me to read.
44. memories/lessons from my trip this fall starting to sink in.
45. the muppets for their countless hours of making me smile
46. mushroom soup with toasted ciabatta bread, with organic ham + cheese slightly melted and a teeny bit of mayo and whole grain mustard on top.
47. Incense
48. the smell of baked goods in the oven
49. London, what a gift.
50. the Present Moment, which I consistently try to enjoy better.

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Kara Elmore said...

high on my list??? you.