London Anthropologie

Anthropologie just opened their first European store here in London. I had heard about anthropologie a lot before, but oh my heck when I checked it out yesterday in the city I was not expecting that I'd like it so much. I really like how everything has an eclectic travelling feel. I read on Oprah that there's a reason for this, the main buyer actually gets things for the store whilst travelling the globe! I like also how things seem so vintage too. Totally, totally, completely me. These pictures below are a few items I saw yesterday that I'm bookmarking to get at some point. The book is actually a journal, looks like an old book but its a blank journal. Boy, my dusty wallet was screaming for a bit of fun money yesterday.

I was also very brave and took pictures inside. I wasn't sure initially cause I'd never done it before, but I saw like a bazillion people taking pictures too so I did it. Here's a few that I managed to snap:

What can I say, I'll definitely be going back. Thank god, not everything in there requires selling a kidney to afford to buy it. In the mean time till I get some money, a girl can dream.


Mel said...

I am so in love with anthropologie it's untrue...

great pics

green ink said...

I loved it too! I could have bought everything, and it was so beautiful I wanted to cry :)

I managed to leave with only two mugs!