I'm incredibly devastated by the news that Oprah's ending her show in 2011. I've watched her most of my life and consider her a huge mentor and hero. Particularly these last 4/5 years when I started initially having a lot of career trouble her and I spent many, many an afternoon together. When I've felt alone like no one was there (which happens a lot), I turned to her show for comfort and it got me through many a dark day. If it wasn't for Oprah I wouldn't have: read Eckhart Tolle's 'A New Earth', discovered Dr Oz, known about the 'healing' place I went to in Arizona (which changed my life), had the motivation to loose the 50 lbs I've lost so far, known about Barack Obama, discovered Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilberts 'Eat, Pray, Love', I would have never learned ways of coping with stressful times, that I deserved to live my best life, I would have never been inspired by her work in Africa, would have never learned how to organize and decorate my house from Nate Berkus and the list goes on. I really do credit Oprah to who I am today.

I'm hearing a lot of Oprah haters saying "Good, glad she's gone, good riddance" since the news which makes me angry. I feel like how can you hate someone who is my hero?? I guess also for someone who I have found such inspiration and joy from, I don't understand how some can spread such hate. Dislike is one thing, hate is another and to me hate just hurts the individual giving it. I also just don't understand why people would dislike someone who does nothing and has done nothing but good in this world. But, if people choose to hate or choose to dislike something its their decision. That's the great thing about this world is people's ability to choose.

Anyway, Oh how I wish I could get tickets to her last season. Its been a #1 mondo beyondo dream of mine to be a guest and chatting away telling her in person thank you or at least an audience member. Sadly, the demand for tickets are going to go through the roof now and I'm worried that my huge dream will slip through the cracks. Who knows I guess...even putting out my dream like this into the universe, you never know if it may come true.

In the mean time, I'll be mourning my daily source of inspiration. I'm sure it won't be the last of Oprah and I'll be able to still have her part of my life in little ways through O magazine and other things...but I'll still be mourning 25 years of glorious memories and a good friend.

I wish Oprah the best of luck next year in her last season. I hope nothing but blessings comes her way for all the joy that she's brought to people and to me. If I can be half the person she is by the time my life is over, I'll be pretty pleased with things.

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Kara Elmore said...

Very very sweet post about someone who has definitely changed lives - for the BETTER! And really - what other great compliment could people want. She blesses people's lives. And when others say such hurtful, mean words - it's because they themselves are not in a place to WANT to BE helped .... but someday they will and they'll find their own Oprah. But we're lucky we got the real Oprah! :)