SuperNanny 101

Ok, I've decided I need a serious organized action plan in order to make these big changes with me. Its not that I haven't tried to fix things before...I have and do every day...but this time I'm going to approach it a bit different.

Have you ever watched Supernanny?? We used to get her all the time over here until the Americans stole her. Its ok though cause only now we can watch her kick some ass stateside. I don't have kids as you know, but I find the fact that she can whip even the most demonic child into shape absolutely riveting.

So.........I think I'm going to do a bit of Supernanny 101 on myself and whip the demonic child in me into a bit o' shape too. I don't think its patronizing, I think its a bit of a science experiment (pavlov's dog anyone?)

Ok, so my plan is this:

1. Set 5 teeny goals to work on every day that will make huge changes in the long term.
2. Give myself gold stars/stickers on our calender for each day that I make efforts in each goal.
3. Have consequences (aka...the naughty step) if I don't get a certain number of stars each week.
4. Have rewards on a weekly and monthly basis.

So what do you think? Those of you with kids...isn't this what you do to make positive changes?? Why wouldn't this work on an adult too eh?

I haven't figured out the other details but will report back soon. I have picked my 5 goals though to work on everyday:

  1. Write 5 things I'm grateful for in my journal
  2. Exercise for minimum 30 minutes in some form
  3. Meditation
  4. Apply/Look for work
  5. Do something fun/creative

Anyway, I will report back here on my progress and if you don't see me post...ask me about it!

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Lori Ann said...

I love that you're doing this. I need to give myself goals and gold stars too. I actually got a chart the other day but just haven't followed through with the rest yet. Maybe tomorrow! Somehow, I forgot that you changed your blog address eons ago and I haven't been checking in.