After an impromptu Buddhist meditation class today, I decided to check out a museum nearby that I've never been to in London before, the Museum of Childhood. Surprisingly it was an absolute delight.

They had freaky dolls. I think old dolls like this are freaky don't you?

Miniture Doll Houses, some going back to the time when America was just getting started. I love the detail. Even after all these years, the detail is so obvious:

I discovered Britains version of the Barbie, 'Sindy'. I don't know I kind of like her. She seems a lot more sassy and stylish than Barbie. What do you think?

Career Sindy

Domestic Sindy-- A girl not afraid to do a bit of ironing

And getting down and dirty, whilst loving every minute.

but still has time for the girls at the salon

to get that perfect look

And meet up with her stylin' boyfriend for a ride around town.

But although Sindy may be a bit more 'hip' and down with it, Malibu barbie and her friends will always beat the Brits with their California sun-tans and beach 'ensembles'. You just can't get that kind of tan in British weather.

We also have Joe Cool

And the smurfs...but wait a minute I think they were originally European. (Go figure, with smurfette eh?)

Well, It doesn't matter what toys are better though, cause I got to spend an afternoon looking at toys and remembering a teeny bit of what it was like to be a kid again.


If you'd like to see better versions of these photos (I hate Blogger by the way with what they do with my pictures) and even more toys check out my flickr.


sherrie said...

what a fun museum! i'd love to go to something like that. i was a barbie freak you could say back in the day :)

kara elmore said...

old dolls TOTALLY Freak me out! UUUUU (shutter!) For some reason I feel like they're going to come alive and slit my throat! Isn't that a TERRIBE thought?? :)