Off to Paris!

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Off to Paris for the next 4 days to ring in New Year's Eve. Wont be near a computer whilst I'm there, so signing off for now. May you all have a wonderful and safe holiday. See you in 2010!

Giveaway Winner + Thoughts on the 29 day Give

First things first, went to Random.org to have them pick a number and it came up with the lucky number 7, so congratulations Cynthia. You just won a $25 e-card to amazon. I've just e-mailed it to you at boris.cynthia@gmail.com, so hopefully you'll find the nice surprise in your inbox when you wake up across the pond. :)

To recap/sum up my 29 day giving project... here's what I did over 29 days (pasted from my Twitter):

day29: Free Boxing Day Giveaway (Enjoyed this...will do it again!)
day 28: Made breakfast for James
day 27: Canned goods, food items for our neighbors in apt block.
day 26: handmade gift day...working on stuff for James and things for others for future.
day 24/25: Made snowflakes to decorate downstairs apt noticeboard, donated old stuff to Red Cross + donated to Odette in Rwanda.
Day 23: donated to a homeless chap.
day 22: Clicking like crazy (and for free) over @thehungersite.com
day 21 : Sent warm wishes to people who greatly inspire me on Twitter
day 18/19-- Going through all contacts +wishing holiday goodness +/or making amends for my wrongs I've done to them (long list).
day17: Got raffle tickets for Annual Menu for Hope.
day 16: put on a brave face +joined in-laws 4 lunch. I was kind, I was chatty + I did my best 4 James' sake
day 15: gave 50p to a lone teenage trumpet player performing Xmas carols @Borough Market
day14: bought a chicken through Oxfam unwrapped
day 13: Making cookies today 2 help 2 secretly shut up niece +nephew when they + other 'family' grace our presence this wknd.
day 12: Donated to provide musical instruments for women/girls in the DRC through city of Joy/vday.org
day 11: Found freerice.com and ripple.org where my internet boredom is being turned into food, water and money for others.
day 10: Promised James I'd stop complaining,panicking and being a scrooge for this holiday season.
day 9: wrote a much needed letter to my grandmother
day 8: donated £2.50 to Room2Read to buy books specifically for girls' education in developing countries.
day 7: Cleaning the house so James can relax better when he gets home.
Day 6: made a picture for this little one: http://www.29gifts.org/forum/topics/picture-appeal-

Day 5: Donated £2.50 to the World Food Program in honor of World AIDS Day. A lot of medicines have to be taken w/food!!!
Day4: X-mas card to NieNie 2 say thanks 4inspiration: http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/
Day 3: made paper snowflakes requested for a 25 yr old woman in a nursing home.
Day2: gave £1 to a homeless man
Day 1: Post Office + sending goodness.

Realized that I missed Day 20 as I was typing this out, so I just donated to my.care.org to buy schoolbooks for young girls. Ooops!

Thoughts on the Project--

Best Give: Canned Goods/Food to my neighbors. It was fun every time we left the flat to watch the items dwindle down. Some other neighbors even got involved and donated Champagne and stuffed animals. Felt great to help feed so many other people during the holidays.

Hardest Give: Sent apologies out to people I felt I had done wrong to or thought I had made uncomfortable. Got criticism for even trying this by some people that know me and some responses I received from recipients were not positive either. But oh well I guess. I knew it was risky to do it, but did it anyway.

What I learned about myself: That I need to do more of giving. I got a huge glimpse of how giving heals. I knew this anyway, but doing this project...you really begin to understand. James says these last 29 days he's noticed a 'shift' in me in the right direction. So...it would make sense to keep this going. I just need to find out more creative ways to keep 'giving' in my life on a regular basis. Maybe I'll start the project again or find someplace to volunteer in London? Must give this more thought for the new year.


I would love to hear any thoughts from you about the 29 day give? Did you follow me on Twitter these last 29 days? Are you inspired to start your own project in your own community? Do you already volunteer your time? Do you have ideas on 'free' ways to give?


Christmas Photos

Had a great holiday weekend. It started with a fondue party with James and I on Christmas Eve whilst watching Its a wonderful Life. We love having a fondue but can't do it often cause its so bad for you. I think my arteries were screaming at me after this:

Christmas Day was quiet ...best part was going for a long 3 hr walk through Blackheath and Greenwich:


Christmas Holly---grows like weeds here.

Greenwich Park

We watched lots of movies, ate well, slept and checked out the Boxing Day sales. It was a fantastic, long weekend. Now, its time for clean-up and getting things done before we head out to Paris (which is our belated Xmas present to each other) on Wednesday. Can't wait. Haven't been back to Paris this entire year and its like visiting an old, dearly loved friend.


P.S.--don't forget to enter my Boxing Day giveaway. Picking a winner tomorrow morning (British time) and the more people that enter...the more interesting and fun it gets. :)


Boxing Day Giveaway

Greenwich Park (earlier this year)

Well today is Boxing Day here in the U.K., not quite sure what the purpose is other than trying to re-coop from eating too much yesterday and maybe checking out the post Christmas sales.

There's rumors that it was created in Victorian times as a day to give presents to the servants. I've also heard that its a day to double check the tree to make sure no presents were missed in the craziness of Christmas. James' family has 'tree presents' on Boxing Day...little fun presents from the Christmas tree. Well, whatever the tradition is its an extra day for a little holiday fun with friends, family and those you hold dear.

Today is also another special day, the very end of my 29 day giving project. If you've been following me on twitter I've tried to do something good or outside of myself for 29 days. I will write more thoughts on this later, but it did me SO MUCH good.

So........in celebration of my last day of the 29 day give and Boxing Day, I'd like to give one of you something. Can't think of anyone better to give to than those of you out there in Internet-land. Employment issues are tough on the ole' social calender and the Internet's been my salvation this last year.

Anyway down to business...

The Prize (selected randomly):

ONE (1) e-gift card to Amazon.com, $25 Dollars (US) OR £15 Pounds Sterling (UK) to amazon.co.uk

**These are the only two currencies I will offer

How to Enter/Rules:

To enter tell me what you do on the day after Christmas, leave a valid e-mail address and either a (US) or (UK) to indicate which amazon site you prefer.

One entry per person.

I'll post the name of the winner on here before noon (London time), 29 December 2009.

The e-card for the winner will be e-mailed on the 29th to the e-mail address left below.


****This giveaway is sponsored entirely by myself, not Amazon.

GOOD LUCK and Enjoy the Day after Christmas!!!!





Have a wonderful Holiday

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. We're staying in London this Christmas before heading off to Paris for New Years Eve. Can't wait for a few days of much needed relaxation.

May you all have a wonderful few days as well. Lots of memories, good food, good pictures and good company.

Christine xoxoxox

picture from here


My weekend

Borough Market

The British Museum

The South Bank

and Greenwich

P.S. I'm nearing the end of my 29 day giving project. The last day I've got something special planned for 'one' of you, so keep watch on here and on twitter.


Happy Freezing Friday

London was hit with snow just this week, so in honor of how cold I feel right now here's some wintery inspiration from my Flickr Favorites:

1. all things bokeh, 2. succulents, 3. *Snow Magic, 4. Untitled, 5. My Gift to You...., 6. natural christmas sparkler, 7. blue beach rocks, 8. Frozen, 9. DSC_0511-2gr, 10. velvet, little pumpkins, 11. feathery, 12. "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Alice in Wonderland

Cant wait for this British Classic to come out (and in 3D too) in 2010. Tim Burtons movies are a visual and artistic feast and Johnny Depp isn't bad to look at either. The costumes, the sets, everything for 'Alice' seem fantastic. P.S. I hear it was filmed in Cornwall which is one of THEE most gorgeous places in all of the U.K. Have I mentioned I can't wait???

Watch the HD trailer here.

Picture: Disney/Guardian


Christmas Tree

Our Tree


Other things:

My first gold star reward, some new 'puddle' (+ earth) friendly shoes.

Found Toast's Autumn/Winter Super8 short film.

Want Santa to bring me a Fuji Instax Mini.

Greenwich's Fergus Noone is finally doing local photography workshops.

Can't believe Christmas is next week, which means James' treat for NYE in Paris is soon after.

Looking into getting funding to go here in the New Year.

It snowed today in London, first snow of the season.

the secret to life

picture from here


the meaning of Christmas

The last week I've been stressing so much about seeing relatives. I've gotten into arguments with James, been quite angry with alcoholic gifts that they've brought for James that scream 'enabler', refused to meet up with them on Saturday night pulling a sickie, lost sleep because I was freaking out about whether the house was going to be clean enough or if they'd pull the white glove test like they usually do. My temper tantrums this week would seriously give any two year old a run for their money any day.

Funny how the universe works because for the first time in nearly 9 years we woke up to no power. It was very unusual for us as its not like there was a blizzard outside or anything, there was just no power. SO, I had NO choice but to go with James today to meet up with his parents. I'm sure glad I did because we had the most wonderful gift today from a very unexpected person.

We go every week to shop for vegetables at Blackheath Market. Just outside there's a Big Issue chap. Now the Big Issue is a weekly magazine that homeless individuals sell in this country as a way to NOT beg, but try to earn money to feel a bit more human again. Well, for the past year we've chatted to this homeless chap and gave him our small change every week.

Today he saw us coming and went to his bag and when we stopped to say hello, HE GAVE US A CHRISTMAS CARD. We were not expecting anything like this. Well...when we got into the market and opened it it was a huge thank you for what we did over the year.

Funny, I don't think I've ever had such a huge token of the Christmas spirit than that ever in my life . James and I literally were choking back the tears. What a huge gift. HUGE---like bursting hearts kind of huge.

I know we've had a rough year and aren't rich, but this really put things into perspective and frankly I've never felt more rich than I do today.

Anyway, lunch with relatives---I survived. I think what happened at the market softened my cold icy heart a bit.

I'm just grateful the power went out. I'm thinking maybe it should go out a bit more often.




How to Cope with Holiday Stress

Ok, Ok....I'm just kidding... Don't turn to Jack. Jack can sometimes be quite an unforgiving bloke once you get to know him.

Anyhow, If you are like me at the moment...you're probably starting to feel the stress of the holiday season. I've got relatives coming over who make my blood pressure rise this weekend, endless lists of jobs to do, haven't even decorated the house and frankly feel like the next few weeks are a catch up for tasks that have taken a back burner this entire year (which is a lot). I'm finding it hard to stop and enjoy the moment, time to just breathe. So I'm determined to schedule some meditation time in the rest of this week and do a holiday detox. This article on Oprah gave me a few ideas, but was curious what some of you do to slow down/de-stress this time of year?

picture from HERE


Vintage Travel Books

Saw two vintage travel books featured in the New York Times today. LOOOOVE vintage travel ads and pictures. They make me wonder so much about where the people in them have been and where they are going, not to mention forgeting for a moment about my troubles:


to be brave

Click on it to see/read it better.
print can be purchased here: maechevrette


Christmas Decor

I have a hard time with christmas for some reason. Its one of the most 'uncomfortable' of the holidays for me and every year it takes a great deal of effort to not unleash my inner scrooge and wish the whole holiday away. One thing that helps my inner christmas beast occasionally is looking at christmas decor online. I know its a bit weird, but because I really like pictures and things that are artsy, approaching the season from an arts/design standpoint makes the christmas holiday seem a lot more interesting to me. You do what you gotta do to get through eh? Anyway, here are some things that I have found recently:

snow globes....lOVE THEM. These babies are from anthropologie via a heads up from sfgirlbybay

These are from Plumo. I always like their stuff cause of its vintage, travel feel for everything that they do. Wish I could afford their stuff though.

These Christmas Crackers are from Jamie Oliver. Its a English tradition to have these things on the Christmas table. Usually they are stuffed with THEEE most useless presents on the face of the planet, but this is the first time, I've actually seen crackers that are useable. It helps that I like gardening and cooking too.

Finally, these stockings from Sundance. I love weird and unique stockings. These happen to be hand-knit too by a women's collective in Bosnia. So stockings to make a difference you can say.


All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is:

1. A Job (but if Santa can't swing that just yet, I kind of like this stuff instead)

No, I don't want the city but I'd love any prints by Irene Suchocki in Etsy

This book, so I can start to understand how to take pictures

This would help too, but I'll have to save my pennies for a VERY long time. I'm afraid I haven't been THAT good over the past year for Santa to bring me this.



This, cause the Brits like to build half their flats with no double glazing on their windows, so essentially for 5 months out of the year, its freezing all the time in our flat. I walk around with sweaters, blankets, just to keep warm. The socks...I also kinda like soft things on my feet too. Never been a slipper girl, just really wonderful bed socks. Soft feet, I could be happy all day.

So santa, how bout something from the list? If not...I'll be equally happy with a nice day, some good food and a few holiday movies with a big bowl of popcorn instead.

Shannon Sewell

Stumbled upon Shannon Sewell's blog through a head's up from Tara Whitney. My gosh I love her pictures:

This appealed to the hippy in me (and her wellie's)---The Brits love their wellies.

Doesn't this kid look like Elvis Costello Jr?

Anyway, be sure to go over to Shannon's site and send her some love about how freakin' beautiful her work is.

P.S. I must really find awesome photographers over here shouldn't I instead of always halfway across the pond.



Dear Diary

If you could bottle up 'confusion' and put a big pretty label on it and sell it, I think I'd have the market cornered and be a very very rich woman. My confusion about how to fix my situation with my career, 'my finances'--(james is fine, I'm not), my relationship with an early recovering alcoholic, my uncertainty about London, my weight and food addiction issues and my overall future is darn palpable. I have spent nearly every waking moment for I don't know how long trying to 'fix' things. Sometimes, I feel like I'm trying to just begin my life when everyone else has already started it. I feel left out and angry because of it.

But lately I'm beginning to realize that I'm really missing out on the 'present' moment with all my worrying about the future that frankly isn't here yet. I HAVE started a life, a great one. Sure not everything has worked out the way I want, but its ok. So, I'm unique I guess....I'd rather be unique than 'cookie cutter'.

Not everything can be in my timeline. There's a huge universe out there that knows things that I don't know that will be coming my way. With a universe that's created everything in such fine balance and purpose, there's no chance that I was left out of the ole' organizational loop. Its comforting to know that its ok to give up a bit of the control over my life. Sure, I do the best I can every day, but the universe is destined to pick up where I can't go anymore.

So, I know this is easier said than done. But I think today I'm one step closer to trusting that even if I feel like I'm going to fall off a cliff right now, that things are going to be ok. There's something out there that's got my back and e-v-e-r-y-th-in-g is gonna be ok.

christine xoxoxoxo

P.S. (Isn't 'Everything gonna be ok' a Bob marley song???, if its not this is the perfect reggae song don't you think?)