Boxing Day Giveaway

Greenwich Park (earlier this year)

Well today is Boxing Day here in the U.K., not quite sure what the purpose is other than trying to re-coop from eating too much yesterday and maybe checking out the post Christmas sales.

There's rumors that it was created in Victorian times as a day to give presents to the servants. I've also heard that its a day to double check the tree to make sure no presents were missed in the craziness of Christmas. James' family has 'tree presents' on Boxing Day...little fun presents from the Christmas tree. Well, whatever the tradition is its an extra day for a little holiday fun with friends, family and those you hold dear.

Today is also another special day, the very end of my 29 day giving project. If you've been following me on twitter I've tried to do something good or outside of myself for 29 days. I will write more thoughts on this later, but it did me SO MUCH good.

So........in celebration of my last day of the 29 day give and Boxing Day, I'd like to give one of you something. Can't think of anyone better to give to than those of you out there in Internet-land. Employment issues are tough on the ole' social calender and the Internet's been my salvation this last year.

Anyway down to business...

The Prize (selected randomly):

ONE (1) e-gift card to Amazon.com, $25 Dollars (US) OR £15 Pounds Sterling (UK) to amazon.co.uk

**These are the only two currencies I will offer

How to Enter/Rules:

To enter tell me what you do on the day after Christmas, leave a valid e-mail address and either a (US) or (UK) to indicate which amazon site you prefer.

One entry per person.

I'll post the name of the winner on here before noon (London time), 29 December 2009.

The e-card for the winner will be e-mailed on the 29th to the e-mail address left below.


****This giveaway is sponsored entirely by myself, not Amazon.

GOOD LUCK and Enjoy the Day after Christmas!!!!





kara elmore said...

Ohh I LOVE Boxing Day. I think I'm going to take it as my own here in the states. :)

I'm going to pretend that I am in my old house from last year and that I'm not discombobulated like this year.

Every year on the 26th I ORGANIZE and re-evaluate the use of spaces in my home. While the kids are playing wonderfully in the play room, I am cleaning, making piles of things to take to charity and buying BINS and BINS to organize. Sometimes I get really really crafty and making darling little labels and color coordinate my boxes so that when I open up my newly organized pantry - it's CUTE. Or when I open up the linen closet, it matches my house scheme - with green boxes and cute little blue and pink tags. Makes me happy. Makes me feel FRESH. Makes me feel like I've done some good after purchasing SO much. And I LOVE getting the OLD things and piling them up for charity. Kind of like - I bought new things ... and the old things can STILL be loved. Some reason it makes my heart feel good. Like the old items feel bad ... so I have to assure them they will still be loved. :) And then the night of the 26th -we sit around the tree one last time before I disassemble it that week - and we say what we loved most about the holidays. And we talk about how special it is to be safe and be sheltered and loved - all as we sit close by the fire too.

Karin said...

I have no set rule on what I do on Dec. 26-- sometimes I go shopping, sometimes I write thank you notes and watch old movies.....We had a huge amount of snow so I am socked in here and can't go anywhere even if I wanted to. (which I don't!) It is cozy to drink a cup of hot coffee or cocoa and look out at the wintry weather.


karin56381 (at) gmail.com

pixie13 said...

I have children, so the day after Christmas is usually spent trying to find places for their new toys & dealing with the crankiness from the post-Christmas let-down. Fun stuff. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


Lori Ann said...

Usually I do whatever I want or need to do. Which this year included taking a load of soaking wet jeans to my friend's house because my washer is broken. But, it was nice to visit with her while I borrowed her laundry facilities! I also played with my son's Christmas presents (with him mostly), watched movies with my hubby (one of his favorite past-times), and ate more treats than I should have.
I hope you and James had a pleasant Boxing Day! I like the idea of 'tree presents,' maybe we'll do that next year.

sherrie said...

your blog is snowing! how stinkin' cute!

i personally like to make my "goal" list the day after christmas for the new year and look at my last years list, time when i can sit back and relax/ reflect. also later on in the day we go to neil's parents and have a little celebration/ birthday party for some of the december bdays. hope you had a nice holiday christine!

Jo said...

I love Boxing Day the calm after the storm in a way. Its seems we do nothing but its a family giving time so better than any task.
We all laze about in the morning, eat leftovers and usually play a board game that the children got for Christmas or stick to our oldies like Articulate.
I love the day because hubby and I get time to enjoy each others company and give most important the children.
Usually watch the TV in the evening or a DVD.
We do like to go for that traditional Boxing Day walk, though this year it was far too icy.

Cynthia said...

Don't know if I'm too late, but the day after Christmas means shopping those great after Christmas sales for all the stuff I didn't get from Santa.

boris dot cynthia at gmail.com in the US

Lori Ann said...

I forgot to leave my email address: